April Harden

April Harden is a horticulturalist and landscape designer. For more than 10 years, she’s been designing and installing landscapes and gardens in the Atlanta metro area. She owns and runs Harden's Gardens, an independent landscape design firm in metro Atlanta.

She has three children and one grandchild and enjoys writing, gardening, golf, kickboxing and poker. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to understand and enjoy the overall gardening process so they can reap a new appreciation for not just their personal landscapes, but the world around them.

”We have always needed a book like this. It is well organized and understandable by novice gardeners. Cute titles for the plantings!...”

Walter Reeves

Author, Radio Host, and The Georgia Gardener

"Harden’s book was a pleasure to read. A few particularly helpful elements caught my attention. Harden estimates the amount of time to install each garden, which is really helpful information for a weekend gardener. For some important tips, Harden uses “WITI” boxes. These “Why is this important” boxes highlight particularly relevant elements, such as why accurate square footage calculations and soil tests are important.


I ordered this book for myself as a special Christmas present to me, from me. I love this book! I can't believe how much detail has been included and am truly amazed at the diagrams . What a great present I gave myself!

Amazon Purchaser

This is there perfect book for a do it yourself gardener! It's like a cook book for landscape design! It not only tells you exactly how to install everything, but it also gives dozens of design ideas with a complete recipe. I liked it so much, I bought more for Christmas gifts.

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